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Instant Pot Pasta Primavera

With a mix of seasonal, colorful vegetables, this pasta primavera is just the thing as the seasons transition from spring to summer.

A Quick, Vegetarian Weeknight Meal

A pressure cooker makes quick work of this vegetable-packed Pasta Primavera— and I love my Instant Pot! Broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers add a rainbow of colors and flavors to a big pot of penne pasta. Then it all gets tossed with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.

The veggies steam in just 10 minutes in the pressure cooker, and then the pasta takes about 20 minutes more. It’s a convenient, easy meal that I love to whip out on weeknights. I’m always up for a pasta dish that’s packed with produce, especially when there’s not a lot of work involved!

Coco Morante

How to Cook Pasta in the Pressure Cooker

Cooking pasta in the pressure cooker sounds kinda crazy, but it really does work! The texture might come out a little bit more chewy, because cooking under pressure with less liquid means that more starch stays in the pasta. I actually enjoy it.

I keep the basic rule in mind of using a 2:1 weight ratio of liquid to dry pasta , and it always comes out great. I find that short, sturdy pastas such as penne, macaroni, and rigatoni work best.

You can use either salted water or broth. I like broth in this recipe, because the rest of the flavors are so simple and the broth contributes a savory flavor that gets absorbed into the noodles as they cook. When you’re foregoing a creamy sauce (or any sauce at all, really), it’s nice to infuse some extra flavor into the pasta itself.

Coco Morante

How to Time This Pressure Cooker Meal

Once the proper pressure has been achieved, the pasta requires just 5 minutes of cooking under pressure, and the vegetables take even less time—just 1 minute at low pressure.

Because they cook at different rates, the pasta and vegetables should be cooked separately to avoid mushy vegetables or undercooked pasta. If you want to speed up the recipe, though, you can microwave your vegetables while the pasta cooks in the pressure cooker.

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