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Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Skewers with Miso Ranch Recipe

Two fantastic recipes for the price of one and both were very easy to make; The one ‘hard part’ was collecting all of the ingredients – that took a bit, but don’t let that dissuade you! Both the marinade for the chicken and the Miso Ranch were incredible. I also made this marinade for the chicken and used it on Salmon with great success. A couple points from the trenches: (1) hold back some of the chicken marinade for later basting the chicken skewers (doing so avoids having to cook out the raw chicken juices in the used marinade); (2) the scratch-built Miso Ranch dressing was soooo amazing that I don’t think you will be able to look commercially made ‘Ranch” dressing in the eye, so prepare yourself to throw out that half-used bottle of ranch dressing sitting in your frig; (3) I didn’t include the ‘green onion’ in the ranch dressing (I just forgot to add it), but the ranch dressing was amazing; (4) I put the chicken pieces and marinade in a large ziplock bag to marinate – sooooo much easier than combining in a bowl (perhaps not as environmental-friendly, but don’t tell my daughter!)…. Good eating.

These popped up on my page and I had to try them right away. Boy, these are delish! The teriyaki marinade was great and something to use for anything else ‘teriyaki’. (I added just a bit more brown sugar:) I ran into time constraints and didn’t get to make the miso ranch, but I will next time and return to update.

This was so so good. I doubled the chicken & marinade and used all week as meal prep with a crunchy Asian salad. Because its thighs it reheats in the oven beautifully (wrap in foil and reheat at 350 for 20 minutes) but its just as good cold. We weren’t crazy about the dipping sauce (not mayo folks), but the chicken is to die for. Definitely on regular rotation.

This was absolutely bonkers. Delicious. I made the chicken exactly as written but had to modify the miso dip. So… thinking I bought powdered miso I was super irritated to see it was Powdered Miso soup mix!! I sifted out the dried tofu and mushrooms and mixed it into The sour cream mayo buttermilk mix. As for the fresh herb…it was parsley. But still so good.

Please note this review is for the marinade only. I had some thick sirloin steaks and several skewers ofmixed veggies. I cubed the steak up and marinaded for about 6 hours , following the recipe to a T. I also boiled the marinade afterwards and added a couple of teaspoons of water/cornstarch mixture to thicken it up to use as a dipping sauce for my kebabs. The results were phenomenal. The steak was so tender and flavorful and the sauce was so yummy I could have drank it with a straw! I can’t wait to make again but with chicken as written. Try this immediately-you will not be disappointed!

A-F-N-MAZING! please try it! no joke

I made this dish and it was delicious. We cooked the chicken over a camp fire, and it was a big hit. I decided to make this recipe because I had chicken thighs, and we were heading to a camp cookout. I made a few alterations due to not having ingredients readily available. First is that I replaced the murin & sake with equal amounts of balsamic vinegar. This provided a similar function, by adding a tang and adding to the overall flavor profile. I also skipped the miso ranch, because I didn’t have many of those ingredients. Instead I made an extra batch of the marinade, cooked it down in a sauce pan, and added cornstarch until very thick. I basted the chicken with this glaze, and used it as a dip. Yum…enjoy!

Chef Johns ability in the kitchen allowed me to wow my friends and colleagues at the potluck I brought this to. The mixture of flavors really blew the pants off of everyone that was not ready for this fresh recipe.

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