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12 New Year’s Good Luck Foods

A bottle of champagne and New Year’s toast are both traditional at most New Year’s Eve parties, but did you know that black-eyed peas and grapes are equally important?! If you want to start your year off on the right foot, these New Year’s good luck foods are known to bring good fortune, happiness, health, and wealth in the year ahead.

Along with black-eyed peas and grapes, some cultures believe that noodles, pork, or pomegranates can be considered lucky when eaten on New Year’s. Ahead, we’ve rounded up these foods and more—along with delicious recipes for each. Whether you’re looking for a few tasty New Year’s Eve appetizers or a menu for your New Year’s Day brunch, these traditional New Year’s foods are a great way to celebrate the year 2022. Pick and choose a few recipes, like sesame pork noodle salad (thought to symbolize longevity) or orange-vanilla scones (representing gold and prosperity). Or opt for a full New Year’s dinner menu of Southern comfort foods that incorporate some of these ingredients, like Hoppin’ John, skillet cornbread, and collard greens soup.

When it comes to these tasty ideas, even those who aren’t superstitious will appreciate a little bit of luck. After all, as Ree Drummond says, “I’ve always eaten black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. I figure starting the new year by indulging in a juicy superstition can’t hurt.”

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